Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Service Bulletin "Landing Gear Doubler"

I received the following Service Bulletin from Van's Aircraft regarding the RV-12 aircraft. In looking over the information from Van's , it looks like there is a couple of doublers that will need to be installed. This is good news and bad. It's nice to see the problem fixed but unfortunately I have already done some of the work discussed in the Service Bulletin. Better safe than sorry! As I receive more information I will post it here.

Notice to RV-12 Builders of Fuselage and Finish Kits
Until the final addendum to SB 12-09-26 is released:
Do not complete Page 20-04, Step 2.  If you have completed this step drill out the rivets holding
F-1204T-L & -R to the center section assembly.
Reference Section 23:  Do not install any rivets within the area indicted in the figure below. If
you have installed rivets in this area, drill them out and use clecos to hold the structure together
until further notice.
Do not complete Page 35-03, Step 2 or any further steps in Section 35 relating to installation of
the main landing gear. If the landing gear is installed remove the gear and any related parts
used on Page 35-03, Step 2 and await further instruction from Van’s Aircraft.
The final fix related to SB 12-09-26 should be released shortly.  We have issued this notice in
hopes of preventing builders working on this area from having to ‘rework’ once final instructions
and parts are available related to SB 12-09-26.
Thank you again for your patience!