Friday, October 5, 2012

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 28: Fuel System (part 1)

Reference: page 28-02; 1.5 hours

Today starts a new section for the RV-12 airplane kit by Van's Aircraft. If working with aluminum tubing is a new experience, try picking some extra material up and play with it. Also remember aircraft fitting do not use a standard plumping flares. I purchased my aircraft flaring tool from Aircraft Tool Supply, however other distributors such as Aircraft Spruce are a good source.

Step 1: Install fluid fittings into the Fuel Pump (use a small amount of pipe thread sealant.)

Step 2: Install the Fuel Pump to the Facet Pump Bracket (check the flow direction.)

Step 3: Drill #30 the FUEL VALVE Handle per the dimensions given by Van's Aircraft in figure 2 on page 28-02.

Step 4: Install the Red Knob to the Fuel Valve Bracket per the instructions supplied with the knob.

Step 5: Install the other end of the Fuel Valve Bracket handle. Install the fluid fitting shown in Figure 3 of the RV-12 plans on page 28-02 to the FUEL VALVE (use a small amount of pipe sealant.)

Step 6: Install the fluid fitting through the Fuel Valve Bracket as shown in Figure 4 of the RV-12 plans page 28-08 (use a small amount of pipe thread sealant.)

Step 7: Rivet the Fuel Valve Clip per the call-out in figure 4.

Step 8: Rivet the Fuel Valve Bracket to the Bottom Skin.

Builder's note: The manufactured head should be on the outside skin. In other words pull the rivets from the bottom side of the belly skin.

Also below is a picture of a crowfoot wrench attachment on my torque wrench. They are very handy when working on fluid lines. This one comes in a set from Craftsmen.

That's all there is to page 28-02! Enjoy and we will see you next time.