Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 27 Rudder Pedals & Brake System (part 3)

Reference: page 27-04; 2.0 hours

In this entry I will start building the brake lines for the RV-12 aircraft designed by Van's Aircraft. In the first three steps Van's describles boiling the brake line end to easy the install of the fitting inserts. I have never been able to get this to work! So after trying it again (hope springs eternal) I opted for the method I used on the RV-10. It invloves heating the ends up with a low temperture heat gun and then push the insert into place. The heat gun I use is the kind designed for shrinking Monokoat onto RC aircraft models. This is NOT the same as one design to peal paint!

NOTE: The brake lines in this section are assembled with two different end fittings. the The only difference between the two assemblies are the nut supplied with the 45 degree elbow has the sleeve attached to it.

Step 1: Slide the nut and sleeve over the plastic tube, then locate the sleeve about 1/8 inch from the end as shown in Figure 1 of the RV-12 plans page 27-04.

Step 2: Press the insert into the end of the plastic tube as far as possible by pushing it against some solid object.

Step 3: Place the end of the assembly in boiling water for about a minute, then immediately press the insert in the rest of the way until it bottoms against the end of the plastic tube.

Builder's Note: The boiling water didn't work for me so I used the heat gun as mentioned above.

Step 4: Thread the brass elbows, called out in Figure 2 on page 27-04 by Van's Aircraft. into the ports of the master cylinders as shown (use a small amount of pipe thread sealant on the threads.) Note that the elbows in the lower ports are clocked to direct their corresponding brake lines between the elbows in the upper ports. The elbows in the upper ports are directed upwards.

Builder's note: I used EZ Turn thread sealant pictured below. One tube will last you a lifetime.

Step 5: Assemble the L & R Cross-Over Brake Lines and connect them to their corresponding elbows as shown in figure to by Van's Aircraft on page 27-04.

Step 6: Final Drill 5/16" both holes in three of the six F-1276C System Blocks, then place the three System Blocks over the studs in the Bottom Skin.

Builder's Note: I found using a Unibit worked very well, just drill part way through from one side of the block turn it over and finish drilling from the other side.

This completes page 27-04. So long until next time!