Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 23 Side Skins (part 6)

Reference: page 23-06; 5.0 hours

Step 4: Remove, deburr and prime the Left and right Longerons. Trim the tab from the aft edge of the Fuselage Side Skins as shown in the detail view in figure 1 of the RV-12 plans on page 23-06. Break the bottom and aft edge of both side skins.

Step 5: Dimple the nutplate holes around the triangular opening in the Fuselage side Skins (flush outboard side). Thetop center nutplate hole is inaccessible with a 3" yoke. Rivet nutplates to these holes as called out in figure 1 of Van's Aircraft's RV-12 plans. Dimple nutplate attach holes at the forward top corner of fuselage side skins.

Builder's note: While a 3" yoke may not work my ~2 1/2" yoke worked just fine.

Step 6: Reassemble the Longerons, Canopy Decks and Fuselage Side Skins into the fuselage.

CAUTION: Do not rivet the holes marked with a triangle in Van's Aricraft's plans on page 23-06. Cleco these holes for later assembly.

Step 7: Rivet the Fuselage Side Skins, Longerons, Roll Bar Attach Plates and Canopy Decks to the fuselage assembly.

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Step 8: Cut apart the two F-1256 Skin Stiffeners. Rivet the skin stiffeners to the Fuselage Side Skins.

Builder's note: The bottom of the stiffener should be parallel to the baggage compartment floor as can be seen below.

This complete page 23-06 and this entry for the fuselage of the RV-12 airplane.