Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 23 Side Skins (part 5)

Reference: page 23-06; 9.0 hours

During this building session I had a problem with the way the Longerons vertex aligned with the roll bar attachment plates (see step 2 below.) This may not be a big problem, however I will add it to the Gotcha list just to make people aware of the fit issue.

Step 1: Rivet the F-1202L Gussets to the Bulkhead Side channels as shown in figure 1 of the RV-12 planes on page 23-06.

Step 2: Cleco the Fuselage Side Skins to the fuselage skeleton. Align the aft edge of the Canopy Decks with the forward edge of the Roll Bar Attach Plates. Align the vertex of the Longerons with the upper edge of the fuselage side skin. Clamp the longeron to the fuselage side skin. Align the outboard edge of the Roll Barr Attach Plates with the vertex of the longeron. Clamp the roll bar attach plates to the longeron.

So here is the Gotcha. In the pictures below you can see the vertex of the longeron is not flush with the edge of the Roll Bar plate.The culprit is the tab on the center section frame. By grinding this down it allows the longeron to fit closure to the way it is described in the plans.

Step 3: Match-Drill #30 and cleco all holes common between the Fuselage Side Skins and the Longerons. Match-Drill #30 all holes common between the Roll Bar Attach Plates and longerons.

Builder's note: As this is drilled make sure the tab gets drilled correctly and not damaged.

Thats all for this entry on the RV-12 airplane build. Enjoy!