Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RV-12 Spar Assembly (Part 2)

Reference: page 13-02; page 13-03; 3.5 hours

Today's entire will complete the assembly of the RV-12 wing spars.

Step 3: Cleco the second row of holes in the W-1210B-L Left Rib Doubler to the W-1206K Attach Angle, which is part of the W-1206-L Spar Assembly, at the inboard end of the spar channel.

Step 4: Using an extended #30 drill bit, match-drill the first row of holes of the W-1210B-L Left Rib Doubler into the W-1206K Attach Angle as shown.

Remove the Left Doubler, deburr, then set aside the left and right rib doublers until Section 15, Page 3.

Step 5: Drill and tap the 19/64" holes in the AEX Tie Down on both W-1206-L & -R, Spar Assemblies.

Builders note: The plans figure make it look like the top and bottom of each tie down needed to be taped. I only tapped the bottom of both. As I can see no reason to tap the top of these. If I am wrong I will post about it before skinning the wings.

This completes page 13-02.

Reference 13-03

Step 1: Cleco the W-1206V Attach Angles to the W-1206-L & -R Spar Assemblies as shown in plans. Orient all of the attach angles so the short flange, that contracts the web of the spar assembly channel, points inboard.

Step2: Cleco the W-1206T Attach Angle to the outboard end of the W-1206-L & -R Spar Assemblies.

Step 3: Rivet the W-1206T Attach Angle to the W-1206-R Spar Assembly channel. Rivet the inboard most W-1206k Attach Angle, which comes attached to the right spar assembly, to the W-1206B Spar Stud Doubler.

Step 4: Rivet all of the W-1206V Attach Angles to the W-1206-L & -R, Spar Assemblies. Rivet the W-1206T Attach Angle to the left spar assembly.

Step 5: Rivet the W-1206-L & -R, Spar Assemblies at the remaining holes marked with rivets called out in plans.

Builders note: for these three holes confirm the correct rivets are used. These are LP4-4.

This completes both page 13-03 and Section 13 Spar Assembly of the RV-12 airplane wings.