Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RV-12 The Case of the Missing Aileron/flapron Nose Ribs

Unpacked and inventoried the wing kit for the RV-12 airplane this weekend. All was well packed, however I was "missing" 4 flaperon nose ribs (part number A-1204-L and A-1204-R.) In talking with Van's Aircraft said they get this call about missing these ribs from time to time. The ribs are packed inside two other parts in the wing sub-kit #5. Sure enough they really are there, just hiding! See the picture below.

One other thing I ran accross was in hardware bag 2622. The inventory and the bag both list 12 ea. K-1100-06 contersunk nutplates. Instead I found standard K-1000-06 nutplates. So if your wing kit shipped sometime around mid-March 2011, it would be good to check the nutplate in that bag out. In the picture below the correct nutplate is on the left with the incorrect plate as shipped on the right.

Van's Aircraft has since pulled the affected hardware bags out of inventory.