Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 21: Mid Fuse Bibs & Bottom Skins (part 7)

Reference: page 21-13; 4.5 hours

The RV-12 is coming along nicely. I am including a picture of the compressor I bought just in case someone was wanting to know the details. At this point in time I am very happy with it. I am also adding a possible builder Gotcha to the list from step 7 listed below. I didn't have a problem but it could easily catch someone.

Step 1: Cleco the F-1203A Bulkhead Assembly to the front flange of the Seat Ribs and to the front of the F-1253 -L & -R. Seat Floor Supports. In order to align the holes in the seat floor supports with their corresponding holes in the Bulkhead Assembly (the holes just below the F-1203D-L & -R Stub Supports), the seat floor supports need to be bent up slightly at the front of the seat floor.

Step 2: Rivet the F-1203A Bulkhead Assembly to the front flange of each F-1215-L & -R Seat Rib using the rivets called out in Figure 1 of the RV-12 plans. DO NOT rivet the F-1253-L &-R Seat Floor Supports at this time.

Step 3: Dimple the single pair of nutplate flange, and the four pair of nutplate attach holes along the inboard edge attach holes along the inboard edge of the F-1226-L & -R Seat Ramp Floors

Builder's note: I needed to flex the leading edge of the Seat Ramp Floor to get my dimpling set in place. Note use of tape to prevent scrapping of the floor panel.

Step 4: Dimple the single #30 hole on the forward flange, and the four #30 holes along the inboard edge of the Seat Ramp Floors that are called out for flush rivets.

Step 5: As indicated in Figure 2 by Van's Aircraft, final drill 1/2' the forward 3/8" hole in both the -R & -L Seat Ramp Floors.

Step 6: rivet in place the Seat Floors using the rivets called out in the plans on page 21-13.

Step 7: Reach through the lightening holes in one of the Seat Ribs and attach the nutplate to the back of the F-1203A Bulkhead. dimple then attach the four nutplates to the bottom of the Seat Rib flange, and the nutplate to the bottom of the F-1225-R Seat Floor using the rivets called out.

Builder's note: Here is the possible Gotcha. In the picture below there is a lip near the nutplate I am pointing at. If too short of a rivet set is use on the bottom, the lip will be crushed (not a good thing). Make sure the rivet yoke will clear this bottom lip by using a thick rivet set. That's all there is to it. Not much of a Gotcha.

Step 8: To remove the powder coating from the bolt holes in the WD-1210 Control Column, final-drill #12 all of the 3/16" holes and final-drill 1/4" all of the 1/4/" holes.

Builder's note: I used a angle drill to clear the side of the column tubing. I don't know how a regular drill could be used. Also I use a stepped bit for the 1/4" hole to ensure a tight fit with the bolt that will go through it.

Step 9: Insert the Control Column through the lightening holes of the Seat Ribs. If necessary, the F-1253 Seat Floor Support can be carefully bent down out of the way, while inserting the control column.

This completes page 21-13 and today's work session. I came to realize I have not posted any pictures of the RV-12's fuselage as a whole. So I will leave you with these pictures. Enjoy!