Monday, August 30, 2010

Van's Homecoming 2010

They say, "Home is were the heart is." In that case there can be no place nearer and dearer than Van's Homecoming for a RV aircraft builder or pilot. The weather was good as was the turnout, about 70 planes. I only counted 2 RV-10s but others may have shown up later.

The event was held in Independence, Oregon with the help of EAA chapter 292. Time and again I over heard attendees commenting on how great the breakfast was on Saturday. Great job guys and gals!

Van extolling the virtues of the RV-12. I did ask him which plane he flew the most the RV-10 or 12? He said, "First is the sailplane, then the 12, next 10 and last was the RV-4. To date he has about 150 hour on the 12.

So if you couldn't attend not to fret! Here is a compilation of video I shot on Saturday.