Saturday, April 11, 2009

Auxilary Battery placement in the RV10

Being we're building this RV10 for IFR flying I wanted a backup electric system for the Advance Flight Systems AFS 3500 EFIS. Rob Hickman makes a great built in battery pack that will give an hours worth of power for his EFIS system, however I also have a TruTrak ADI I want to run as well. So where to put a second battery? After trying a number of places I decided to mount a 7 amh gel cell on the top of the tunnel cover at the very front.

It was a easy modification with the "tray" made from 1/16" by 3/4" aluminum anlge bent and riveted to the top of the tunnel cover. Then a hold down bar was made and two K1000-8 nut plates were added to the underside of the cover to hold everything in place. Also a sheet of foam rubber was added under the battery to finish the job. This set up should give me about 2 to 3 hours worth of power for the EFIS system. For charging I followed AeroElectric's guidelines for two battery systems.