Thursday, January 29, 2009

Modifcation of the Front Fresh Air Vents

Being value minded, when it came to the front air vents for the RV 10, I wanted a nice set of vents without paying an arm and a leg. OK well maybe just an arm. The simple solution was the fresh air vent AV125B available from SteinAir. Aircraft Spruce carries as well. Most people who use these are also using a custom instrument panel, however I had opted for the stock panel from Van's Aircraft. So how does one mount the vents without an extended panel? The idea for the fix came from the Matronics group. First cut off the bell end of the cabin side of the vent and then use a adapter made from a rubber pipe coupler from Home Depot. You only need one coupler and then cut it in half. Using fuel tank sealant I glued the coupler to the plastic vent and a hose clamp secures the vent in the coupler. One other nice touch is to take some stainless wire screen and glue it into the middle of the plastic neck with fuel sealant to keep the bugs out.