Monday, December 15, 2008

Modifying the RV-10 lower cowl mounts

Experimental aircraft have the advantage of allowing the homebuilder to make modifications when needed. One that has come up with other RV-10 builders is the two lower cowl mounts will crack. The original Van's kit called for using aluminum hinge material. It's referred to on pages 41-7, 41-8, 47-6. Others have replaced this with 0.063 aluminum sheet and nut-plates with good results. We followed suit.

The dimensions of the 0.063 aluminum is 1.5" by 6 ". The smaller aluminum spacer is made per the plans. The hardware pictured consists of 8 each K 1000-8 nut-plates, nylon washer 5610-18-31 and AN526C832R8 stainless screws. These are all available from Van's Aircraft.